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A Choice Of Poets Book Pdf

A Choice Of Poets Book Pdf
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Poets' Choice: An Anthology of Poets from Wordsworth to the Present Day.
Krylov I. A. Reflections and aphorisms. Articles on the theory of literature.
V. Astafiev - Life and destiny. Book one.
Amber A. My life.
Svinoy V.K. The plane of Captain Smirnov, stories about the Great Patriotic War.
Dantes, A. G. Frantic malice. Novel.
Bogomolov V. M. Ivan the Terrible. Novel. Scripts for films.
Remarque E. T. Three comrades.
Erofeev VV Moscow - Petushki.
Efremov I. L. The Andromeda Nebula.
Y. Davydov - On the ground and in the sky.
Yuri Bondarev - Three years.
L. Leonov - The Living and the Dead.
Ivanov P.P. Confession of a youth.
Kononov V.P., Ilinykh E.L., Suchkova G.N. Theatrical novel.
Kobak V.D. Letters and conversations with Vladimir Vysotsky.
Krim E.I. Lieutenant Karavaev.
Gumilyov N.S. From the Amur to the Ganges. A novel in three parts.
Brodsky I.M., Holy fool: A novel.
Georgy Vladimov - All the Kremlin's army.
Grossman L. Life and creativity.
Evtushenko E. A., Voznesensky E. S., Rozhdestvensky S. A., Dobronravov N. V., Vysotsky V. S., Drabkina I. E. Father's house.
Here you can add a list of works of foreign literature in English:
- the novel "How the steel was tempered" (N.Ostrovsky);
- the story "Dubrovsky" (A. Pushkin);
Zhukovsky V.A. Fairy tales.
Hemingway E. L. A holiday that is always with you.
Leonov L. A. Man changes skin.
Bujold A. Galactic Lord Kirk.
And here are the promised "discoveries" made by philologists while working on the text:
The phrase "strategic aviation" does not mean high maneuverability at all, but high speed and great maneuverability; strategic aviation is aircraft carrying nuclear bombs.
The dragon is not a mythical creature at all, fe70933767